Special Visitor @ Digital Dragon

Squirrel visits Digital Dragon studio

Digital Dragon Has A Surprise Extra Special Guest Appearance By Ambassador of Tree-Beside-The-Studio, Squirrel McSquirrel, Sr., 

The excitement surrounding the first weeks of summer camp at the Digital Dragon studio in Santa Monica has been palpable as students and teachers begin week-long camps filled with Minecraft, coding, robotics, digital production, and more.

Digital Dragon Tech Camp | Squirrel

As a gesture of good faith and fair nations partnership, a representative of our neighboring tree, Squirrel McSquirrel Sr. arrived to congratulate Digital Dragon on a great start to the summer season.

.Digital Dragon Tech Studio

Mr. McSquirrel seemed so impressed by the day’s activities that camp director, Casey Gaul, asked him if he might be interested in sending his three children, Squirrel Jr, Squirrel Jr., and Squirrel Jr to a camp later in the summer. However, according to Ms. Gaul, Mr. McSquirrel declined to answer. “He continued to chew his nut while looking at me.” 

Tech Camp for Kids in LA

Nevertheless, Digital Dragon was thrilled by the visit and hope to see Mr. McSquirrel return, looking forward to the rest of the summer camp season at the studio. We did tell Mr. McSquirrel that we would be happy for a return visit, but as a friendly reminder we are a nut-free camp!  He seemed to nod in understanding and headed back out to his tree. 

Digital Dragon visitor

“It’s really great he came,” said curriculum director Philip Isles, “In addition to fantastic technology programs, the studio is regularly filled with kids who go nuts for tech, so the citizens of Tree-Beside-The-Studio will feel right at home should any decide to visit again.”