Same time each week

Braddock Elementary - Adventures in Robotics (Grades 1-2)Info
Braddock Elementary - Junior Tech 2: Exploring Robotics (K-1)Info
Digital Production (4th Grade+)Info
Junior Tech (K - 2nd Grades)Info
Minecraft Mania (1st Grade+)Info
Robotics & Engineering (2nd-5th Grades)Info
Scratch Games - Augmented Reality (3rd-5th Grades)Info

Private Instruction

Customized Mentorship Program.

Digital Dragon teachers are available for private or semi-private sessions with students interested in pursuing specific areas of technology on their own schedule. Topics include programming, digital production, game design, and robotics. Sessions can be arranged as needed, and areas of study may be adjusted for the needs of the student.

Programming: App Development, Java, C++, Minecraft modding
Robotics: Programming and Engineering
Digital Production: YouTube, Short film production, commercial, music video, 3D Design, Photo-Editing
Game Design: Build your own 2D or 3D game

Home & Charter Schools

If your child is homeschooled through a charter school or a PSA, we can accommodate! We are a registered vendor at the following Home & Charter School personalized learning providers: Inspire, iLead, Sage Oak, Excel Academy, and Sky Mountain. We also hold classes at Realm Creative Academy which offers an alternative educational experience for homeschooled children from a variety of backgrounds. We can also become a vendor with your program, just let us know.