2D Video Game Design Class for Kids

Thursdays, 3:30-5pm

Grades: 3rd+

Tech: Mac, Photoshop

Skills: Art, Design, Programming

Description: Come build your very own game! This series will give young learners an introduction to game design by making 3-4 simple games using the Scratch programming platform. After learning how games are designed and work--from lives to scoring to blasters and more--kids will storyboard and design their own 2D adventures.  Typical games may include but are not limited to 2D arcade and sidescroller games. Students will learn to control characters through an environment based on rules of their own creations. If time allows, students will explore higher level programming concepts such as score keepers, high score-keepers, and timers. No past game design experience necessary.

Prerequisites: Basic computer and typing skills

6, 90 minutes classes

Price: $240

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