3D Game Design Digital Dragon

This class is currently closed, please contact us to be added to the waitlist and for more information on private lessons or other class options: 424-280-4654. 

Fridays, 5-6:30pm

Grades: 6th+

Tech:  Mac or PC, Unity, Photoshop,

Skills: Art, Design, Programming

Description: This class is designed for avid gamers and aspiring technical artists who want to learn how their favorite games like Pokémon GO are made. The best way to do that? Create your own! During this course, young designers will be introduced to the fundamentals of game design by creating a basic playable game. Students will pitch their concepts, create characters, environments, and mechanics, balance their rules of play and escalation of difficulty to optimize player experience. Make projectiles, vehicles, creatures, and characters that move through worlds of your own creation!

Prerequisite: None

7, 90 Minute Classes

Price: $280

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