Digital Dragon Summer Camp

July 10th - 14th, 2017

Ages: 7-10

Tech: Scratch, Garageband, Makey Makey

Skills: Programming, audio effects, circuitry, sewing

Description:  E-Textiles are a whole new way of using technology to make wearable materials come to life. Simple sewing projects will teach kids about conductivity, circuits, and basic programming. We’ll create a scene made out of felt and make it interactive by embedding touchable circuits in it that trigger sounds we record ourselves. A light-up bracelet will use conductive thread, LED lights and other materials to make super cool accessories like flower crowns and glowing Creeper bracelets. Making an interactive stuffed animal will introduce programmable LED lights using simple circuits and Arduino technology. We’ll also create a musical keyboard with various materials that make music through Makey Makey circuitry, a simple computer chip that brings real world objects to life!

Prerequisites: Basic mouse skills

Price: $570

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