Minecraft Mania Kids Class

This class is currently closed, please contact us to be added to the waitlist and for more information on private lessons or other class options: 424-280-4654. 

Wednesdays, 3:30-5pm 

Grades: 1st+

Tech: Mac, Minecraft, MC Edit

Skills: Circuits, Design, Programming

Description: Calling all Minecrafters! Digital Dragon invites you to explore the world of Minecraft like you’ve never seen it before! Turn your structures into Red-Stone wired fortresses with booby traps, secret doors, and portals to other dimensions; use the most amazing mods to paint your world in textures of your own creation. You will invent items that you design yourself, and engineer them to do your bidding. Special Minecraft tools like logic gates and MCEdit introduce students to the possibilities of programming and digital production.

Prerequisite: None

Price: $238

7, 90 Minute Classes

For more Information: Email us, info@digitaldragon.co or give us a call at 424-280-4654.

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