Digital Dragon Minecraft


March 31, 2017

Ages: 7-14

Description: Multiplayers Ahoy! Digital Dragon’s Minecraft servers are waiting for you to make it the coolest, most amazing place for Minecrafters of all time! If you’ve ever wondered how servers work, this is the best way to learn. We’ll be opening up the Digital Dragon server for kids to both play and admin on, controlling rules, environments, commands, and more. Kids will safely discover how online gaming works, and will be able to put their very own project - be it a mod, map, challenge, attraction or game - up on the DD Server for all time! *Kids who wish to play on the server at home should bring their Minecraft account username and password.

Daily Schedule:

8:30-9:00a: Drop Off/Free Play

9:00-9:15a: Introductions

9:15-11:30a: Morning lesson

11:30a-1:00p: Walk to lunch at local park with outdoor activities

1:00-3:00p: Afternoon lesson

3:00-3:30p: Pick Up/Free Play

Price: $110

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