Digital Dragon Minecraft


March 27, 2017

Ages: 7-14

Description: Have you ever wanted to make your own mod? Today, we’ll be diving into modding--learning how the Minecraft program works by building mods with a variety of editors and utilities. We’ll add our own weapons, change how blocks work and play tons of never before seen mods! *This is available to all kids, no prior experience necessary, returning kids will be welcome to expand on their past mods if they desire.

Daily Schedule:

8:30-9:00a: Drop Off/Free Play

9:00-9:15a: Introductions

9:15-11:30a: Morning lesson

11:30a-1:00p: Walk to lunch at local park with outdoor activities

1:00-3:00p: Afternoon lesson

3:00-3:30p: Pick Up/Free Play

Price: $110

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