Robotics Class

This class is currently closed, please contact us to be added to the waitlist and for more information on private lessons or other class options: 424-280-4654. 

Thursdays, 5-6:30pm

Grades: 2nd-3rd

Tech: Lego Mindstorms EV3, Mac, Spheros, Macrolab

Skills: Design, Engineering, Programming, Robotics

Description: Robotics, Lego style! Learn robotics and engineering principles with the latest Lego Mindstorms. Equipped with a kit full of motors and sensors, students will build and program robots that can race, follow lines, detect colors, and even react to light and sound. Faced with a series of challenges and obstacle courses, students will work in teams of 2 to design, build, and fine tune their robot for each task at hand. Additional robotic designs, concepts and programs will be introduced for applicable challenges as well!

Prerequisites:  Basic computer skills and an interest in robotics!

Price: $245

7, 90 Minute Classes


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