Reel Reactions Camp

June 26th - 30th, 2017

Ages: 7-10

Tech: iMovie, Mac, iPad, Greenscreen, Garage Band,

Skills: Story Development, 2D Movie Art, 3D Editing, Greenscreen Rigs, Camera Use, Stop Motion, Sound Design, Teamwork and Collaboration

Description: Digital Film Production is for students interested in progressing through the journey of making quality video content. Functioning as a miniature production lab, students will flesh out a variety of projects, from initial pitches to story drafting, and on through filming and editing. The class allows students to try a multitude of roles that exist in the filmmaking process: director, writer, cinematographer, and editor. While all students will participate as actors as necessary, the focus will consistently be brought back to the production side of the project as opposed to the acting. Skills we cover include lighting techniques (3-point lighting), green-screen techniques, camera composition (180 Rule/Rule of Thirds), editing, and more. We customize the projects based on the creative aspirations of the class, some of which include: Music Video; How To Blog; 5 second film; 1 minute scene or trailer; 5-15 minute short film, stop motion, and more.

Prerequisites: A mind full of awesome stories!

Price: $570

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