Digital Dragon Summer Robotics Camp

July 3rd - 7th, 2017


Ages: 7-10

Tech: Mac, iPads, LEGO Mindstorms, RC Robotics, Raspberry Pi

Skills: Engineering, Design, Physics, Programming

Description: Robotics is a great way to introduce programming and engineering to students who like to build things with their hands, and LEGO Mindstorms are just the thing. This introductory class introduces novice programmers and designers to the amazing world of robotics through fun, easy to use projects that use the latest LEGO Mindstorms gear. Students will encounter real-world problems found in space exploration, deep sea investigations and many other places where humans need help from machines that they design themselves. Using a foundational design thinking approach, students will build and program robots that can race, follow lines, detect colors, and even react to light and sound.

Prerequisites: None!    

Price: $452

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