Digital Dragon Production Class

Wednesdays, 5-6:30pm

Grades: 4th+

Tech: iMovie, Mac, Video Cameras, Green Screen, Garage Band, Photoshop (or equivalent)

Skills: Camera Use, Sound Design, Teamwork and Collaboration

Description: Have you seen Kimmel, Corden, or Fallon on TV? These talk show hosts and their predecessors brought entertainment to millions over the years by merging various genres into a single brand. In this class we’ll plan, shoot, and edit smaller projects into the context of an interview-style 22-minute talk-show and sketch-comedy hybrid. Students will be involved in all creative and technical stages of filmmaking, from idea-generation to writing, shooting, directing, capturing audio, and finally editing. The key focus is encouraging creativity, versatility, and collaboration throughout the project. This class will utilize a combination of mobile devices and DSLR’s, review common lighting practices and industry-standard audio recording, as well as introducing students to advanced editing platforms. Students will have freedom to create various shorts while learning the importance of creative continuity while providing them with a long-form project to add to their portfolios.

Note: Have a YouTube channel? We’ll provide download links to student work at the end of the session so you can upload your work and get more subscribers!

Prerequisite: None

7, 90 Minute classes

Price: $259

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