Digital Dragon Production Class

Wednesdays, 5-6:30pm

Grades: 4th+

Tech: iMovie, Mac, Video Cameras, Green Screen, Garage Band, Photoshop (or equivalent)

Skills: Camera Use, Sound Design, Teamwork and Collaboration

Description: Students will be involved in all creative and technical stages of filmmaking, from idea-generation to writing, shooting, directing, capturing audio, and finally editing. The key focus is encouraging creativity, versatility, and collaboration throughout the project. This class will utilize a combination of mobile devices and DSLR’s, review common lighting practices and industry-standard audio recording, as well as introducing students to advanced editing platforms. Students are free to create various shorts while learning the importance of creative continuity and will have a long-form project for their portfolios by the end of the class.

Note: Have a YouTube channel? We’ll provide download links to student work at the end of the session so you can upload your work and get more subscribers!

Prerequisite: None

12, 90 Minute classes

Price: $399

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