From Minecraft Parent Workshops to Team Building Events, Digital Dragon is here for adults too!

We hold events for our parents to understand more about the tech their kids are learning and we can host a special themed event for you as well!

Kids and Teens are not the only ones who hold parties at Digital Dragon!

  • Wine + MineCraft + Beer - Kids Play and Parents Socialize, nothing left to say.
  • Adult Birthdays - Video Games are not just for kids...compete in your favorite games.
  • Mom's or Dad's Night Out - Bring some food, and adult beverages...and we will create a theme that works for your group of friends.
  • Company Team Building Exercises - We will create a fantastic event for your employees where they really get to know each other better and help with synergy in the workplace!
  • Game Nights - Best adult birthday theme ever! Invite your friends and we will break your group into teams, so they can compete in Charades, Name That Tune, $100,000 Pyramid, Family Feud, and many other favorites.

Contact us to find out more: 424-280-4654 or