Online Spring Classes - Digital Art & Animation

Class Description

Digital Art Classes for kids during holiday week

Weekly: 7 Classes, Time: 90 Minutes — Price: $245

Spring Virtual Classes – Digital Art & Animation

Online from the comfort of home!

Ages: 7-12

Tech Requirements: An Apple (MacOS), PC (Windows OS) or Chromebook. The use of a computer mouse, not a laptop trackpad, is strongly recommended.

Class Description: Calling all aspiring digital artists and animators! In our brand new Digital Art class, students will learn how to create original pixel art using the web application Piskel. Students will learn animation skills and a variety of digital editing techniques and tools such as layers. Throughout our online session, students will become photo editors and master the basic photoshopping tools and editing of their own photographs with Pixlr!

If this date does not work for your schedule, check out our additional class options. You can also contact us:, to arrange personalized learning experiences – private tutoring or specially arranged small groups. Be sure and learn more about Digital Dragon and keep up to date on Tech Education News.