Online Winter Classes - Gamers Unite! Gaming History & Design

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Class Description

Game History & Design Class for kids online

Weekly: 8 Classes, Time: 90 Minutes

Price: $280


Winter Virtual Classes – Gamers Unite! Game History & Design

Online from the comfort of home!

Ages: 7-14

Tech Requirements: An Apple (MacOS), PC (Windows OS), or a Chromebook. The use of a computer mouse, not a laptop trackpad, is strongly recommended.

Class Description: Travel through the history of video games in this fun and creative exploration into the past.  Classes consist of short history lessons about specific moments in gaming, and then a recreation of those using modern hardware.  Looking back at systems like the original Nintendo, Atari, and Sega Genesis, students will gain an appreciation for how video games progressed to what they are today, whilst also learning how to apply the techniques used back then to modern game design software.

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