Online Spring eLive Classes - Minecraft: Redstone Engineering

Class Description

Kids learn to build with redstone in Minecraft virtual camp
Weekly: 8 Classes – Time: 90 Minutes

Price: $240


Spring eLive Classes – Minecraft: Redstone Engineering 

Online from the comfort of home!

Ages: 8-12

Tech Requirements: This class requires an Apple (MacOS) or PC (Windows OS) computer. A Chromebook will NOT work for this theme. The use of a computer mouse, not a laptop trackpad, is strongly recommended.

Class Description: Turn your Minecraft structures into Redstone wired fortresses with automatic lighting and secret doors. Create challenging obstacle courses with moving blockades and timed traps. Learn programming principles with Redstone triggered Minecraft commands and command blocks that make characters and structures do amazing things–from controlling the time and weather to spawning creatures and portals to other dimensions.

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