We had the pleasure of joining the Templeton High School Engineering & Art Faire to not only check out all the student projects, but to present our own cool demonstrations. Students from Templeton and surrounding areas like Atascadero and Paso Robles turned up to see what these high school students are engineering and how they use art as well in their STEAM projects. 










One of the highlights of the faire was the drone exhibit. Students got the super cool opportunity to control these RC drones first hand and battle it out.










This student made an entire Wonder Woman costume out of foam construction, with amazing attention to detail. She also sells WW etched wood monogrammed belt buckles. We discovered she loves cosplay and this isn’t her first costume, which was more than obvious. She is an extraordinary DIY maker! 










Sara was inspired by a “Stars in a Jar” craft she saw on a vacation awhile back. She wanted to bring the same fun and imagination to a project, by reimagining the concept. Her jars can glow in the dark as a night light, serve as decorative fairy lights, and resemble not-so-ordinary nebula scenes. All amazing designs that she engineered herself. Lucky for us, Sara will be working with Digital Dragon this summer!









At our Digital Dragon booth, students got to make their own game controllers with Makey Makeys which enabled them to play, “Dragon’s Lair,” a video game we coded and programmed in the game engine, Scratch.










Attendees also immersed themselves in an alternative world by controlling digital raining blocks on the big screen. This experience was engineered by a camera tracking their motions through a program we coded with the Processing/Java language.








Folks, it’s just like in the movies. The future is here!

In the immediate future, Digital Dragon is gearing up for our summer camp program, so we were thrilled to meet the families and students from Templeton in attendance. We can’t wait to bring our tech camps to the Templeton Middle School campus this summer. We are offering 2D Game Design, App Development, Intro to Coding, Beginning Minecraft, and Minecraft Modding in Java for the more advanced students. Our camps serve grades 1st – 5th and 6th – 8th. 

For more details, visit https://digitaldragon.co/camps/summer-camps-templeton/