Top Santa Monica kids’ tech studio, Digital Dragon, is an amazing experience for tech-minded kids aged 5-18.

Kids will learn a new language, become makers, and have fun at the same time! Digital Dragon offers an alternative destination for after-school and weekend classes, spring and summer camps, school holidays, events, and birthday parties. We also partner with many public and independent schools in Santa Monica, Los Angeles, Culver City, and beyond that are interested in teaching technology as a standalone class or integrating tech into the rest of their curriculum.


About Our Santa Monica Tech Classes & Camps

Technical skills are becoming increasingly important and technology entrepreneurs are like rock stars. There is a frequently-heard refrain from technology companies complaining about a lack of students versed in STEM, or more recently, STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Math). We offer serious exploration in digital design, programming, video game design, and more. Digital Dragon is a place where it’s possible for kids to discover their tech interests and take them as far as their imagination can go. Technically-oriented kids may express themselves by creating a video game, building an app, or via coding, while artistically-oriented kids may prefer tools such as Photoshop. That said, we don’t think kids fit into neat categories; some who see themselves as technical may be surprised to find out how interested they are in design and vice versa.

Our students will evolve from just consuming technology to creating it. We’re offering a 21st century version of art, science, creative writing, and math because these skills are enmeshed in the creation of digital technology. Tech is such an exciting arena in which kids will happily learn all of the above in our tech classes and tech camps in order to push their projects forward. We help kids make an important transition to the other side of the screen: Instead of passively consuming the work of others, they’ll be able to share and enjoy their own creations.

Another key component of Digital Dragon is teamwork. We are convinced by sharing and utilizing each other’s skills and ideas, everyone can do more if they work together. By meeting students in their domain, at the place of their passions, we can teach that achievement is hard-earned, often collaborative, and worth chasing!