Classes & Camps

Minecraft: Redstone Engineering: Civilization Building and Escape Room Themes!

Ages: 8+
Tech: Mac or PC, Minecraft Java Edition 
Skills: Design, Programming, Engineering, Team Work

Do you like Minecraft or do you love Minecraft? Are diamonds, pickaxes, pigs, and sheep keeping you up at night? We will help you take your love for Steve and your irritation for the Creepers to the next level. You will learn to survive the night, farm for food, make tools, and engineer with redstone. Expand your empire and vision by modding the game to make a vibrant and unique new world for your mining pleasure. Create everything from new textures, creatures, machines, and maps. We’ll also introduce kids to logic gates and MCEdit, introducing gateway concepts to programming and steering kids towards digital creation.

We offer Minecraft classes at many levels, so check out our classes and camp pages to see what is right for your child!

Private Lessons & Private Instruction

Do your kids beg you to help them download mods? We offer one-on-one private sessions with our Minecraft experts on all topics. Everything from downloading mods safely to helping them get a boost on their playing experience. Our teachers can work directly with your child in one hour sessions scheduled at your convenience at our studio or at your home. We are also offering customized packages of private instruction on Modding with Java, for the advance students who want to do even more in the world. This is a great way to introduce your child to computer programming.

Call us for more information and to schedule a time, 424-280-4654.

Birthday Parties and Private Events

We are currently offering the ultimate Virtual Minecraft experience for your birthday party! We supply the Minecraft accounts, Minecraft expert and an original party map with a plethora of activities, missions, and mini-games. Visit our parties page, to see all we have to offer. We hope to conduct in-person parties in our Santa Monica studio as soon as it is safe to do so. Also check out our Photo Gallery for lots of fun Minecraft party ideas.

Reach out for more information and pricing, info@digitaldragon.co