Private Instruction

Digital Dragon teachers are available for private or semi-private sessions with students interested in pursuing specific areas of technology on their own schedule. Topics include programming, digital production, game design, and robotics. Sessions can be arranged as needed, and areas of study may be adjusted for the needs of the student.

What subjects are available for Private Instruction?

Digital Dragon mentors are available in Programming, Minecraft, Robotics, Game Design, and Digital Production. Across these categories lie a broad range of specific skills that are best developed with a project in mind. Whether this project is a school assignment, class, or personal passion, our specialized instructors approach it with an eye for inspiring our students to push themselves to successfully execute their projects.



App Development, Java, C++, Minecraft modding



Programming and Engineering


Digital Production

YouTube videos, short-film production, commercial, music video, 3D Design, photo editing & Photoshop


Game Design

Build your own 2D or 3D game

What Does Private Instruction Cost?

Private instruction can be purchased individually on an hourly basis, and in packages. We will create a package for you that will incorporate all your needs.

Please submit the form below and we will get back to you as quickly as possible, to arrange a customized session that works for your schedule. Or contact us: 424-280-4654 or