Classes & Camps

Roblox: World Building and 3D Game Design!

Learn to create your own Roblox game in virtual camp

Ages: 8+
Tech: Mac or PC, Roblox Studio
Skills: Design, Programming, 3D Design, Digtial Art

Description: Let your imagination run wild and build your very own world in Roblox. Students will use Roblox Studio, a game development platform, to explore and create worlds in a 3D space that they will fill with interactive game elements. They will use simple 3D shapes to model and texture set pieces and use the Lua programming language to code simple game interactions. Kids can also discover and test games from other creators in their special studio.

We offer Roblox classes at many levels, so check out our classes and camps pages to see what is right for your child!

Private Lessons & Small Group Instruction

Do your kids beg you to let them play Roblox? How about turn that around and have them learn to create in Roblox Studio instead? We are currently offering ONLINE private sessions with our Roblox experts. We can set this up as a one-on-one private or with a group of friends.

Reach out for more information and to schedule a time:

Birthday Parties and Private Events

We are currently offering the ultimate Virtual Roblox experience for your birthday party! Our party host sets the kids up in Roblox studio and they learn about the Roblox interface, create all the elements of a Roblox game and save the game play for the end. Visit our parties page, to see all we have to offer. We hope to conduct in-person parties in our Santa Monica studio as soon as it is safe to do so.