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Digital Dragon offers exceptional STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math) exposure. Kids learn a new language, become makers, and have fun at the same time. Our students evolve from consuming technology to creating it. Digital literacy is becoming more critical by the day as technology becomes more enmeshed in our lives. Our classes help kids find their tech passion while building substantial skills.

Elementary School Courses and Electives

Kindertech (K)

The perfect start for programming and design skills, planting the seed for digital creation.

Exploring Coding & Robotics (1-2)

Using MIT’s ground-breaking Scratch, learn to program interactive animations, games, and even robots.

Digital Production (1-6)

Design your very own internet sensation while learning how movies are designed, shot, and edited!

Robotics (1-6)

Robotics, Lego style! Build and code awesome robotics challenges, from battles to bridge-building.

Minecraft 101 (1-6)

Learn the magic of Redstone, build cities in seconds, maximize mods to make you a true Minecraft master!

Programming - Scratch (1-6)

From brainstorming to playtesting, design a game or animation using MIT’s award-winning Scratch.

Game Design (1-6)

Conceptualize your own Angry Birds and take your idea from dream to drawing to gaming extravaganza!

Tech Tycoons (3-6)

Create your own Business! Design logos, program an interactive experience, and build a website.

Middle/High School Courses and Electives

App Academy (6-8 or 9-12)

Learn to code in a programming, team environment. You’ll be creating apps and games, not just playing them.

Robotics: (6-8 or 9-12)

Can you build a robot that is up to the task? Find out when you and your design and building team are faced with a series of challenges.

Digital Design: (6-12)

Combine 21st century tools with classical design skills to create logos, avatars, 3D models, and more!

Coding with Processing (6-12)

Computer science the visual way with Processing, a language designed for artists, designers, and hobbyists.

Minecraft Java Modding (6-8)

Learn programming, the Minecraft way! Code your own mods in Java and change the way the game is played!

Virtual Rocket Science (6-12)

Using a game based on the real life physics of space flight, you’ll build and test rockets to achieve orbit, lunar landings, and more!

Digital Production (6-8 or 9-12)

Develop 5-7 minute shorts and progress from pre-production to post-production of the movie making process!

School partners

Currently working with public, charter, independent, and homeschoolers in Santa Monica, West L.A., Los Angeles, Culver City, Bel Air, Hollywood, Inglewood, Westchester, Sherman Oaks, Tarzana, Pasadena, Burbank, Calabasas, Los Feliz, and Atwater Village.

Please call us for more information, 424-280-4654