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We bring curriculum, electives, after school programs, and camps to your campus.

Digital Dragon Update:

Online Camps Will Soon Be Transitioning to Online Classes!


Now that we can no longer bring people together in our space, we are flexing the digital in Digital Dragon. We’re offering our classes, camps, and private lessons — all taught remotely, from the comfort and safety of your home, via your home computer. Using our online platform, our instructors present the material just as they would in person, as the platform allows for authentic learning experiences. Classes and Camps are taught in real life, on a specific schedule; you’ll see the schedule on our Classes and Summer Camps pages. Also happy to set up Private Lessons or Small Groups with friends, that work on your new schedule.

Although Los Angeles County is allowing day camps to reopen, we do not feel it is in the best interests of the Digital Dragon community to do so. We’ll send updates via our email list, and post here when we do feel it is safe and sensible to bring students and staff together again.

“My daughter is really enjoying the social interaction in your eLive classes – as she is really missing that part of going to school.”

“Fabulous! Our daughter loves Roblox and her instructors are ‘the best ever!'”

“Great class – Jack is still working on his project an hour after the class ended.”

- Parent Feedback!

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Our Programs


Photoshop, Robotics, Minecraft, Programming, Game Design, Electronics


We bring curriculum, electives, after school programs, and camps to your campus.


Birthdays, Minecraft, Video Game Olympics, Electronics, Robotics, and more!


Keep your kids engaged during school holidays and spring, summer, and winter breaks.

Why Choose Digital Dragon?

Longest Running Year-Round Tech Studio for Classes & Camps

One Student = One Computer

Small Student to Teacher Ratios

Develop & Execute Original Curriculum

Personalized Learning Experiences

Instructors Have Real World Tech Experience

Safety Comes First: First Aid & CPR Trained Staff, Secure Servers & Software

We Teach Year-Round in Dozens of Los Angeles Area Schools

Best Early-Sign-Up Discounts in Town!

Specialize in Fun - We Balance Learning & Play Time

Not To Brag, But Our Staff Has DRAGON Names!

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