Creating normalcy can be a little difficult right now for our kids. One thing we have found that makes everything feel better is when parents keep the right attitude. One way to do so, is keep up with the tradition of throwing your child a birthday party. Yes, this year it will be online and include family and friends who live houses – or miles – away. Our virtual Minecraft parties have been a hit for boys and girls alike – they are creating a sense of community and can feel just as special as having a bounce house, face paints, and having Ariel or Spider-Man make an appearance. Take a look at the tips and tricks on how to host a virtual Minecraft Birthday Party or your own.

How to host a online Minecraft birthday party

How to Host a Virtual Minecraft Birthday Party

Digital Dragon can help throw an online Minecraft party

Digital Dragon’s online Minecraft birthday parties are perfect for that kid who wants to level up their game play experience and celebrate their special day with their friends. Not only do they have a party host guide the guests through an exciting adventure playing mini-games and exploring Minecraft worlds, but they can learn tips, tricks and get teleported anywhere they want. The party experience is geared towards kids ages 7 and up. 

Minecraft Parties are Safe and Secure – from the comfort of home

We have our own private server, so all the guests are secure online. DD has a special interactive party map with tons of surprise activities not to mention a birthday party room for virtual cake! Or you can pick your own Minecraft map – from SpongeBob to Hogwarts! This is where the kids can geek out – play together in their choice of mode, while even learning a little along the way!

Online Minecraft Birthday Party at Digital Dragon

We make the party planning super easy; you just do the inviting and we do the rest. See our last blog entry on how a Digital Dragon Minecraft Party works.

Whether or not a Minecraft Party is your kids’ jam – we would still like to pass along some socially distant party planning tips.

DD Tips: Online parties made easy

  • Plan: Make a guest list and pick a theme and/or activity. Think about inviting a small group of friends and even those cousins that usually can’t make it because they live out of town. If you use the Zoom platform, envision those Brady Bunch boxes. How many fit neatly on that one screen? We recommend inviting 12-15 max. (The whole class and soccer team is not ideal – but if you “need” to, break it up into 2 events)
  • Timing: Weekends are the usual go-to plan, but think about a Friday afternoon or an early release day from school – rules are thrown out the window right now. We recommend about a 2-hour party, younger kids, maybe less time. Give advanced notice, not that anyone is really going anywhere and even if they do, they can party from their destination. 
  • Activity: What favorite things can be done online? Think about what your child likes and see how you can adapt it. Sometimes just being with friends together is enough to have a blast. But can’t hurt to have some activities planned as well. 
    • Games – Pictionary is a crowd pleaser, as are others old school games making the rounds now. Create a tally of games won and surprise the winner(s) with a gift card or just bestow the honor. 
    • Cooking: Have a chef (or parent in an apron) do a cooking lesson – be sure and include ingredients in the invite, so kids can cook along. Or keep it simple with a “mocktail” recipe. Pineapple Lime Spritzers on the rocks – don’t forget the umbrellas! Supersize this idea with a drop off box of ingredients and a tiki mug. Tiki Mugs for mocktails
    • Costume Party: Especially with Halloween around the corner – October and November birthdays take note – dust off old costumes, create new ones – make them during the party! Have a fashion show, tell ghost stories, or do a lesson on how to create a special effects zombie look. 
    • Hire a local artist, dancer, makeup artist, coach to guide your guests through a fun “How To!”
    • DIY – literally anything! Seriously – google anything you can think of making! 
  • Invites: send them out at least 2 weeks before and gather those RSVPs. We highly recommend giving out your Zoom link for the event, once you get that RSVP. Helps to track who is really coming. Be sure and include all tech setup instructions, even if not having a Minecraft party! 

  • Decorate: Don’t skimp on decor – but realize you only need a small backdrop. Or if you or your child is digitally creative, make a digital Zoom party backdrop. Invite guests to do the same. Make a sign, blow up a balloon or two, don a party hat, or break out some streamers from that bin in the garage. Key is to make it feel festive and not like school.
  • Party in a box: If you live close to your guests, deliver a party box the day before or morning of. You can include any of the above mentioned items. Materials, decorations, and even that sweet treat for the end. If you can’t deliver a box, ask parents to have a treat on hand to “toast” with at the end. 
  • Always end on a song! Break out your best rendition of the birthday song – be sure and record this too – yes that is a feature on Zoom! Invite grandparents and aunts and uncles to join at the end too. One day they can tell their kids about that year they had to have their birthday on computers! Hopefully they don’t say, “What is a computer?”

TL;DR: Host a virtual party for your child this year. Minecraft or any theme you come up with. No clean up, no food needs to be served, gather with friends, mark the occasion, keep the tradition alive, and sing Happy Birthday as loud as you can! Hopefully next year, we can blow candles out on a cake in person. Well, maybe not the blowing on the cake part. 

Get in touch if you would like our help in throwing a magical Minecraft Virtual Party this year!

More information can be found on the Digital Dragon Party Page or go straight to fill out our request form to start booking.