Technology brings people together no matter how near or far they live or work from one another. Special events, holidays, and birthday parties don’t look the same as they used to, but that doesn’t mean you’re without options. We’ve been successfully hosting online kids’ birthday parties for several months now, and have found that parents and birthday kids find virtual birthday parties to be fun, engaging, easy to host, and very enjoyable. Let’s take a look at a few reasons why parents should host a virtual birthday party.

Why Parents Should Host a Virtual Birthday Party

Why Parents Should Host a Virtual Birthday Party

Parents, please don’t skip the birthday party this year

Don’t let this pandemic get in the way of our best traditions – the yearly birthday parties for our kiddos! Your child’s next birthday party may not involve climbing rock walls nor shooting paint balls. No jumping zones nor make your own sno-cones. So, how can you overcome this social distance dilemma? How does a parent throw the most memorable birthday party during a lockdown? With a virtual tech birthday party!

Technology is our friend, so let’s embrace it for birthday parties

This year has proved to be a big bummer for a lot of things. Parents are trying their best to make a delicious tasting lemonade in the way of their kids’ educational experiences right now. Yes, everyone is probably guilty for even adding a little extra sugar. Master calendars have been revised, kitchen tables look like classrooms, working from home or not from home is a juggling and plate-spinning act rolled into one — all while balancing safety and healthy protocols. And everyone has become better friends with our technology. What would we do without our devices?  

Community is key during the pandemic

Although some activities and venues for kids are starting to reopen, we realize it is still not safe to gather with larger groups outside our immediate clusters and cohorts. So, how can you have a safe and fun birthday party during a pandemic? Digital Dragon has grappled with this same question as our business hosts year round in-person Minecraft birthday parties. After adjusting our camps, classes, and electives for online learning this past spring, we went into stealth virtual mode for birthday parties as well. We found that we’re able to deliver the key things for birthday parties – a sense of community and an interactive fun activity – all virtually and live from the comfort and safety of home. 

Virtual birthday parties are fun and interactive

How Does a Minecraft Party Work at Digital Dragon?

You like the idea of having a virtual birthday party for your child, but now want to know how it all works.

First, make a list! Think about narrowing down the guests to about 12-15 friends and cousins. (Don’t forget you can now invite those out of town relatives or friends that moved away). This amount creates a cozy atmosphere, where all those zoom boxes can fit on one screen!  Don’t forget to include the birthday child and siblings in your count. (We can accommodate up to 20, for an additional fee.)

Contact us to pick your virtual birthday party date/time and book it! Weekends are cool, but Friday afternoons and early release school days work, too. 

Invite: Send out your invitations with our special tech set-up instructions, which make it easy for all your party-goers to get their technology set up in advance. Everyone just needs a Mac or PC computer to participate. Once you receive your RSVPs, you’ll share the personalized Zoom link with your guests. We suggest party guests be at least 7 years old.

Party Prep: NOTHING! Literally, sit back and let us do the heaving lifting. No food to prepare, nothing to clean…although a Happy Birthday backdrop and a party hat might be something to consider. Look — you can go all out and send treats to guests or just chill. If there was ever a time to take the easier door, now is the time. 

Party Time: Guests log into their Digital Dragon party account and Zoom to join our expert party host and friends for 2 hours of a delightful Minecraft adventure on our secure private server. We serve up a special virtual birthday cake and song at the end. Happy Birthday to you….

Throw an online birthday party with friends

More information can be found on the Digital Dragon Party Page or go straight to fill out our request form to start booking.