French, Spanish or Coding? Coding as a second language

Say adios to Spanish and au revoir to French. There's a new foreign language in town! High school students in Kentucky may benefit from new legislation aimed at categorizing computer programming as a second language. Instead of French or Spanish, students can opt to study JavaScript or HTML to fulfill their graduation requirement of foreign language credits.

Why should children begin...

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Maker Bot is Changing the World?

I just don't know if MakerBot is really this far ahead of it's competition, certainly I don't know if they're changing the world. Digital Dragon did just buy it's first MakerBot printer and I can say it's pretty exciting to think kids will be able to design and "print" things straight from their imagination. I use...

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Creative Confidence

This Ted Talk by David Kelley illustrates what we're promoting at Digital Dragon. Supported kids can do phenomenal things, chief among those things is being their creative selves.

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Build, Create!

We think all kids are naturally creative and we think digital creation is a great way to express themselves, check out this article in US News written by Ray Almgren.

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Now that the dust has settled on Hour of Code,'s unbelievable effort to bring attention to coding, I wanted to post these statistics they've compiled. These statistics illustrate what we all know is happening in the world which is, coding, digital creation is becoming ever more important in the U.S. (and world) economy. Everyone doesn't have to be...

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