Tech Kids Save the World, One Device at a Time!

Child Tech Inventor

When is Lego building more than just Lego building? When these colorful plastic blocks become the centerpiece for a revo...

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Steve Jobs Was a Low Tech Parent?

Blog Stevejobs

Nick Bilton of the New York Times wrote an article about how Steve Jobs, whose business life depended upon talking each of us into buying new devices annually, was actually a low tech parent. The premise of the article is that technology chief executives are often ca...

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Top 10 Holiday Tech Gifts for Kids
Digital Dragon, the premier tech enrichment studio for kids, has named the best gifts for this holiday season...

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French, Spanish or Coding? Coding as a second language

Say adios to Spanish and au revoir to French. There's a new foreign language in town! High school students in Kentucky may benefit from new legislation aimed at categorizing computer programming as a second language. Instead of French or Spanish, students can opt to study JavaScript or HTML to fulfill their graduation requirement of foreign language credits.

Why should children begin...

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Maker Bot is Changing the World?

I just don't know if MakerBot is really this far ahead of it's competition, certainly I don't know if they're changing the world. Digital Dragon did just buy it's first MakerBot printer and I can say it's pretty exciting to think kids will be able to design and "print" things straight from their imagination. I use...

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