Digital Production: YouTube Videos

Grades: 4th+

Class Description

Digital Video Production Classes where kids learn to make YouTube VideosDigital Production: YouTube Videos

Mondays, 3:30-5pm

Class Description: Come join us in Digital Dragon’s student run digital production studios. This class allows you to try a multitude of roles that exist in the filmmaking process, from director, writer, cinematographer to editor. Skills we cover include lighting techniques (3-point lighting), green-screen techniques, camera composition (180 Rule/Rule of Thirds), editing, and more. This session’s slate includes: DIY video, music video, vlog, short film, and gameplay video.

Grades: 4th+

(8) – 90 Minute Classes

Price: $312


If this date and time does not work for your schedule, check out our additional class options. You can also call us, 424-280-4654, to arrange personalized learning experiences – private tutoring or specially arranged small groups. Be sure and learn more about Digital Dragon and keep up to date on Tech Education News.

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