Kids’ Night Out

Sometimes kids need a night out too!

(Naturally, this is a great time for parents to also get some time to themselves.)

We have some fun nights lined up where kids can come play with their Digital Dragon friends in a variety of theme nights. Themes including Minecraft, Robot Battles, Virtual Rocket Science, Pokémon, Video Game Olympics, and LEGO Builds are on the horizon.

Dinner & Beverages are included…so you don’t have to cook either!


6:30-7:15pm: Drop Offs, Dinner & Free Play

7:15-8:45pm: Activity

8:45-9:30pm: Free Play & Pick up

Price: $45

Want to book our space for a group of kids on a Friday night, so parents can go out? Call us to find out more about a private Kids Night Out booking. 424-280-4654.