Fall Classes - Minecraft: Advanced Redstone

Ages 8-14

Class Description

Minecraft Engineering Summer Camp

Weekly: 8 Classes, Time: 90 Minutes (No Classes: 10/31 & 11/21)

Price: $296


Fall Classes – Minecraft: Advanced Redstone

Already a Minecraft Master? Become a Master Builder!

Ages: 8-14

Tech: All Tech is provided

Camp Description: In this advanced Minecraft class, students will build arenas, obstacle courses, and puzzles to challenge and confound players. They will be learning the advanced mechanics of Redstone to create interactive structures like secret bases, elevators, and flying transports. Command blocks will be introduced – which can be used to teleport players, spawn structures, and summon monsters. Students will have a chance to flex their creative muscles while learning about playtesting and iteration as they showcase their most creative ideas within Minecraft!

This course is aimed for students that are already proficient on the Java computer edition, can work with a 2-click mouse, and have basic keyboarding skills.