Minecraft: Redstone Engineering

Grades: 1st+

Class Description

Fun and original Minecraft class teaches programming principles and engineering concepts. Minecraft: Redstone Engineering

Tuesdays 3:30-5pm

Class Description: We invite kids to explore the world of Minecraft like you’ve never seen it before! Turn your structures into redstone wired fortresses with triggered lightning, booby traps, and secret doors. Have a blast learning programming and STEAM principles with Minecraft commands and command blocks that make characters and structures do amazing things, from controlling the time and weather to spawning creatures and portals to other dimensions.

Grades: 1st+

(12) 90 Minute Classes

Price: $396

If this date and time does not work for your schedule, check out our additional class options. You can also call us, 424-280-4654, to arrange personalized learning experiences – private tutoring or specially arranged small groups. Be sure and learn more about Digital Dragon and keep up to date on Tech Education News.

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