Winter-Spring Classes - Minecraft: SkyWorld

Ages 7-14

Class Description

Minecraft Engineering Summer Camp

Weekly: 15 Classes, Time: 90 Minutes (No Classes: 3/30, 4/6, & 4/13)

Price: $525


Winter-Spring Classes – Minecraft: SkyWorld

Already a Minecraft Master? Become a Master Builder!

Ages: 7-14

Tech: All Tech is provided

Camp Description: This session, the Ender Dragon has destroyed the Minecraft world, leaving your child and their classmates floating on a platform in the sky. With the ultimate goal of defeating the Ender Dragon, students must first rebuild a town, create supplies, and use Redstone to make bridges and flying machines. Once they have gathered and farmed enough supplies, they head off as a team to defeat the final boss. Many new challenges await in this SkyWorld adventure.