Winter-Spring Classes - Music Production: Create Songs, Beats, & Videos!

Class Description

Music Production summer for kids in Santa Monica

Weekly: 15 Classes – Time: 90 Minutes (No Classes: 2/19, 3/25, & 4/1)

Price: $555


Winter-Spring Classes – Music Production: Create Songs, Beats, & Videos!

Live from our Digital Dragon Production Studio

Ages: 9-16

Tech Requirements: All Tech Included.

Class Description: In this series, students will learn to create fully realized and professional sounding songs and beats! They will use a powerful combination of virtual instruments and live audio recordings to create their own personal compositions, and getting a great introduction to the essentials of audio mixing and production. Whether their goal is catchy pop tracks or electronic heavy hitters, this class will give them the tools to get started!​ Next up, take their compositions and produce, shoot and edit music videos – learn the basics of digital production and collaborate on some master projects!

If this date does not work for your schedule, check out our additional class options. You can also contact us:, to arrange personalized learning experiences – private tutoring or specially arranged small groups. Be sure and learn more about Digital Dragon and keep up to date on Tech Education News.