Students painting and coding art projects

Students learn to Paint and Animate – the perfect mix of art and tech!

Looking for a fantastic group activity for your STEM club, Girl Scout troop, birthday party or even for adult team building? We have a great adventure – a 2 hour event that taps into both your creative and tech sides. 

Art Lesson - Canvas to Code

Students first have a painting lesson and create a specific subject based on a theme – with paint on canvas at PAINT:LAB, then they come next door to DIGITAL DRAGON to learn how to digitize and program their art to have motion in a cool scene. 


In our latest event, the STEM Club from a local elementary school created a weekend activity for all families from the school. The students first stepped into their smocks and learned some painting techniques from the resident art instructors. The theme of this session was outer space and the students could either paint a space shuttle or rocket ship. Even though there is a set theme, each piece of art is original!


Next up…learning how to code in the Digital Dragon Studio, in order to make the art object fly or float in an outer space scene.


Part of the process is to photograph all of the art work…to start the tech transformation.


Lots of learning and sharing with friends!


Students made some amazing scenes and saw their artwork come to life with their new programming skills!


Favorite part: Parents get involved and hopefully learn a couple things too!

Digital Dragon offers one-time events in our studio in addition to camps, classes, and parties. Students can learn and have fun at one of our Tech (and Art) Education Workshops. These activities produce some amazing projects in Coding, Robotics, Game Design, and Minecraft. You can book a private workshop for your friends, Scout Troop, community or school club, or family. Check out all our offerings here. Call for more information: 424-280-4654