Digital Dragon Tech Classes for kids

Digital Dragon teachers have been visiting fourth grade students at a local Los Angeles school for a week long deep dive into robotics and 21st Century Design thinking. The students were very excited to tackle a completely new type of project and way of thinking.

Digital Dragon teaches kids design concepts with tech

Prior to the week-long robotics project, the students created replicas of “The Big Yard” a large playing field located on their campus. They were challenged to redesign the yard in whatever way they wanted. By using the principles of Post-industrial design, that made the students think about a way of working in which they consider the interactive behavior a product should have before considering its physical form.

Hummingbird project at Digital Dragon

Following this design session, students were introduced to the Hummingbird Robotics Kit, an Arduino based robotics kit that allows students to control sensors and motors via the Scratch programming language.

Digital Dragon teaches kids tech concepts  Tech projects in schools in Santa Monica

Digital Dragon teachers walked them through a bootcamp session in which they learned how to operate the kit, and spent the rest of the week helping them make their Big Yard models respond in interesting ways. This is where they can see their visions come to life.

Hummingbird Kit - Tech in Schools

Students made football fields that lit up based on the volume of the audience’s cheers, created zip lines that automatically sent students down the line, a theater stage with a red curtain that automatically opened, and much, much more.

Digital Dragon is proud to bring these types of amazing projects to schools all over the Los Angeles area. We hear from administrators that want to add some tech into their current curriculum, or that have received grants and aren’t sure how to incorporate technology into their common core teachings. So, if your school is interested in incorporating a Hummingbird Kit project or any other technology into the current education program, give us a call to learn more: 424-280-4654.