Digital Dragon Makey Makey Tech Class

Some of our youngest students in KinderTech experienced a full class on electricity and circuitry, learning how electricity flows with engaging exercises and devices such as Snap Circuits and Makey Makey

Digital Dragon Tech Class Los Angeles

During the Makey Makey portion of the workshop, students learned what objects conduct electricity better and how computers can interpret computer signals in order to play games and make sounds.

Digital Dragon Tech Classes Santa Monica

The kids tested ordinary objects you might find at home or in class:

  • Different types of paper products, wood blocks, crayons and pencils.
  • Metal objects, copper pipe and plastic items
  • Fruits like limes and bananas.

They discovered that only metal, fruits and humans are conductive. Kids had a fun time figuring out exactly why fruits and humans are conductive! Do you know why?

Your kids can find out the answer this summer in our Coding With Scratch Summer Camps. To learn more, check out the schedule here.