Digital Dragon Production Class

Just like in Hollywood, we bring you a special look behind-the-scenes of our Digital Production classes. Every session this class has a new theme and our kids create original material from their scripts, storyboards, shoots…to the edit.

Digital Dragon Newscast

Our students have produced and shot everything from documentaries, short films to a full newscast (even with commercials)!

Digital Dragon Production Class

This past session our budding filmmakers were hard at work producing a series of music videos. They started in the studio learning about how to use music to create different emotions. Teacher Eric illustrated with a keyboard and images on the screen. “Angry Screen Door” song was quite the hit!

Digital Dragon Production Class for kids  Digital Dragon Production Kids Class

They learned to use shoulder mounted camera rigs and experimented with new camera equipment including the Osmo.

Digital Dragon Filmmaking class

They all shot individual projects and the session culminated with one big outdoor shoot at a park. The filmmakers also produce the shots, are the “actors” in the scenes, and choreograph the dance moves.

Digital Dragon TV production edit

They each took the footage, picked their own song, and then created their own interpretation in the edit process.

Digital Dragon Editing Class

Final touches included spfx, sound design, and credit sequences.

You can see some of these projects on our YouTube Channel.

Our next session we will be expanding, with two new themes: Stop Motion Animation and Variety Show. If your kids love spending time making videos with various apps on their devices, these classes are a great way to get them to further understand the theories and skills of making content for TV, Film, and Digital Media. For more information, check out the class schedule here and read the descriptions below.

Stop Motion Animation:

What do the Nightmare Before Christmas, King Kong, and Wallace and Gromit all have in common? Aside from fantastic storytelling, the answer is: stop-motion animation! For a normal film, every second is comprised of 24 pictures that flash before our eyes. For those films, the action must be perfect and occur in real time. But what if time was no longer the issue? What if we controlled every frame? What kinds of stories might we tell when any item can become a character, whether a pen and paper, LEGO® pieces, or even Minecraft figurines. Stop-motion opens up immense possibilities as a director and storyteller free from performance constraints. Using a combination of mobile devices and DSLR’s paired with various editing platforms, students will craft a story utilizing stop-motion, focusing on the visual communication of ideas and how editing choices can affect our stories.

Variety Show:

Have you seen Kimmel, Corden, or Fallon on TV? These talk show hosts and their predecessors brought entertainment to millions over the years by merging various genres into a single brand. In this class we’ll plan, shoot, and edit smaller projects into the context of an interview-style 22-minute talk-show and sketch-comedy hybrid. Students will be involved in all creative and technical stages of filmmaking, from idea-generation to writing, shooting, directing, capturing audio, and finally editing. The key focus is encouraging creativity, versatility, and collaboration throughout the project. This class will utilize a combination of mobile devices and DSLR’s, review common lighting practices and industry-standard audio recording, as well as introducing students to advanced editing platforms. Students will have freedom to create various shorts while learning the importance of creative continuity while providing them with a long-form project to add to their portfolios.