Teachers at Digital Dragon Tech Studio

Digital Dragon is thrilled to share some exciting studio news about our newest instructors whom have joined us this year. They have such diverse and interesting backgrounds, but their love for technology and teaching brought them to us. We not only look for super smart and lovely humans to teach our classes, but for instructors that are just as enthusiastic as we are…to spread their love for filmmaking, programming, coding, video game design, and virtual reality development. Enjoy their stories and learn about their paths to Digital Dragon. We are beyond thrilled to have them as part of our team and we know your kids will enjoy them as their tech coaches!

Digital Dragon Teacher

Chris grew up on Army Posts all over the United States, took up learning about technology, photography, and music as ways to keep himself occupied during the many moves. By high school in Pittsburgh, PA, he became heavily involved in the school’s television program finding a passion for content creation. He continued this at Wofford College in South Carolina, eventually directing for their sports broadcasting department. From there, he worked in Newport Beach with a small publishing company before pursuing his MFA in Film and Digital Technology in Pittsburgh, with an interest in the proliferation of usable consumer equipment in the realm of filmmaking and its effect on the landscape of independent film.

Digital Production Class for kids

Chris volunteered teaching filmmaking camps while in school and found the opportunity to spark the same passion for creativity that his teachers did for him extremely rewarding.

Digital Dragon Teacher

Michael is a current student at UCLA as a Design and Media Arts major, interested in the intersection of technology and creativity. When not at school, he explores all avenues of creative expression such as freelance graphic and web design, coding, and film. He has a particular interest in combining biological feedback processes with videography. His works stems from a desire to bring communities together and communicate with others across language and geographic barriers.

Tech Classes in Santa Monica

Michael is an avid reader and an even bigger outdoor enthusiast. His favorite thing to do is combine the two, often going camping for the weekend to read without distraction. 

Digital Dragon Teacher 

John is a fourth year Design & Media Arts (DMA) student at UCLA with a focus on Interactive Media. John’s work and passion often leads him to explore game design principles whether he’s working on spectator driven art pieces or video games. John loves exploring programming and game design with his students because of the unique ways each student goes through and fixes their problems in ingenious or interesting ways. 

Private Tech Lessons in Santa Monica

When John isn’t behind a keyboard, he is usually in nature: sport climbing, backpacking or mountaineering, accompanied by his camera.

Kids Tech Classes 

Andres was born and raised in Los Angeles and is a Game Designer and Programmer. He loves all things programming, from game design to his current study of iOS development. His greatest strength is in making video games using Unity. His experience has grown from making apps in JAVA and iOS to projects using the Arduino microcontroller. Recently, VR has become a passion for Andres–when he isn’t sharing his passion for programming and robotics with students around Los Angeles, Andres is working on a number of VR and Arduino projects as well as interning for various VR development startups. 

Charter School Tech Class 

When he’s not programming or teaching, Andres can be found carving up the surf with his best friends in Venice beach.

Be sure and give us a call, 424-280-4654, to learn more about our classes and private lessons, and how we can have our teachers come to your school to teach your kids the latest and greatest in tech education.