Update: Switching to Online Learning Options


Dear Digital Dragon Families and Friends: 

Laurie and I have lived in this community for most of our lives, and, like you, we’ve never seen anything like the Coronavirus. It’s become very clear that we just shouldn’t be bringing people together into our space, so we’re going to flex the digital in Digital Dragon. We’re offering the classes, spring camps, and private lessons that make the most sense to be taught remotely, from the comfort and safety of your home, via your home computer. Using our online platform, our instructors will present the class just as they would in person, and we believe the platform will allow for authentic learning experiences. Classes will be taught in real life, on a specific schedule; you’ll see the schedule in the links below. 


For those of you who have existing classes with us, or have signed up for spring camp, please take a look at what we’re offering – we will also be in touch directly. We will make this work for you, whatever that means for your family. If you have any questions, please feel free to call us at 424-280-4654 or email us at info@digitaldragon.co.  


Finally, and most importantly, no one can predict where this is going, but we feel confident Steve Lopez had it right in in his LA Times article: this too shall pass. We’re always looking for the silver lining and as we’re all going to be around our homes much more, we’re looking at this as a chance to connect with our son. We wish this for you and yours, along with good health and spirits. 


Laurie & Seth Finn