Can you make art without a canvas and paintbrush? Learn the many ways!


Hey Artists – check out the latest report from the Summer Camp Session

Are you curious how your favorite video game looks so amazing? Well, not only do you need game developers to create the ideas and write the stories, you need artists and designers to create the characters and backgrounds. A video game takes on average 3-5 years to create with over 100 contributors! 

This summer at Digital Dragon, we had a week of campers learning the first steps of how they can creatively contribute to a game or other digital design projects! Students will realize they don’t need oils and canvas to create masterpieces anymore. Although a digital paint brush does come in handy! 

The week starts with a self portrait project, where students can start playing with the tools in their digital art box. They start with researching inspirations in art, learning layers, color theories, and the art of tracing! 


Next project is picking a character in the world of games or anime and making it their own. This week a lot of students decided to use Nintendo’s Kirby as their character of choice. The majority of Kirby games in the series are side-scrolling platformers with puzzle-solving elements – which, as a side note, is a great place to begin work in video game design in our Game Design Academy camp. As you can see, there are many ways to recreate this character – using a digital pen to trace, pulling out some set shapes, or the look of a paint brush and freehand!


Pixel artwork is another great medium to explore. Students used Piskel to create and animate their portraits and make gifs. Alongside that, they delved into the art world and recreated the infamous Starry Night – one pixel at a time! Pretty impressive – and love the nod to Minecraft as well in one of the artworks. Do you see it? That is the fun within Digital Art & Animation camps and classes, students can create whatever they are inspired to make!

Digital Dragon will be offering Digital Art & Animation classes this fall, stay turned for the schedule!