The Best Tech Chores for Your Kids!

Digital Dragon Tech Summer Camp - Graphic Design

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Refer-A-Friend - Earn DD Dollars & Win a Free Camp!

Digital Dragon Tech Summer Camp - Refer a Friend
Refer friends to earn Digital Dragon dollars, and a chance to win a FREE ...

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Bring a Friend to Tech Summer Camp

Bring a Friend to tech summer camp at Digital Dragon in Santa Monica.

SUMMER CAMP PLANS ARE JUST A TEXT AWAY! Summer countdown is in full swing, so why not find some friends to send your kid to camp with? We have tons of tech themes to chose from, we cover all the sc...

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Equalizing the Gender & Race Gap in Tech

Girls coding

On January 30, 2016, during his weekly radio address, President Obama announced his plan to give all students across the country the chance to learn computer science in their schools. This is in response to the shocking study that only 10 percen...

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Is Minecraft 101 Coming to Schools?

Minecraft Edu


Just recently it has been announced that Microsoft has purchased MinecraftEdu, an educational edition of Minecraft, and they hope to soon encourage schools to utilize this program in classes. Eric Klopfer, a professor of science educat...

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