High School Summer Program

Due to Covid-19 capacity restrictions, we will not be offering High School Camps the summer of 2021.

We have programs for Middle School ages: 11-14.

We can set up Private Lessons or you can form your own private group. For more info: info@digitaldragon.co

Why Summer Camp at Digital Dragon?

We are living in a world fueled by technology and our kids LOVE it! In the future, technology will play an even greater role in our children’s professional, recreational, and creative lives. The summer camps at Digital Dragon build on their interests, encouraging them to be tech creators and leaders, rather than only consumers. We foster STEAM skills by offering a variety of camp options including digital design, video production, programming, video game design, robotics, and more. Our goal is to start with a child’s creative passion for this world and show him/her how to use today’s coolest technology tools to make amazing things.

We also offer more camps for Middle School and High School!

Click below for more camp options for older siblings and friends.